The Little Girl, She Dances


The Little Girl, She Dances

By Michele Habel-Coffey

The little girl, she dances
She jumps from beam to beam
A child’s game with sunshine
And the spaces in between

No touching on the shadows
Those demons, long and grey
Pink shoes are made for sunshine
And children made for play

But come now!  calls the woman
The time for play is done!
Hang those pink shoes up my child,
And down these stairs, you come!

The little girl, she lingers
For just a moment more,
A longing glance at hanging shoes
As she closes up the the door

I’ll be back for you, my dancing shoes!
I’ll be back for you, sunbeams!
Today is made for working and
Tonight is made for dreams

But the morning, glorious morning!
It’s filled with dancing light
A parting velvet curtain
On a stage of black and white

The little girl, she stirs now
As light passes ‘twixt her blind
And she rises up to dance again
With shadows on her mind.

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