They Are Us

Post colonial Poetics and Art

Into Dawn

This one was inspired by a submission by one of my followers on my new Tumblr page: Words to Write By

we are ‘they’
we are ‘society’
but we speak of both as though they were separate from ourselves.

or my favorite thing ever said:
…out of nothing and no way, a way will be made…Michael Beckwith
probably waaayyy too many words, but I talk too much, and as you can see here…I write too much. 🙂 Stacia

— stacia-elizabeth

they are us

They spoke truth
They spoke lies
They stole our future
They promised with their eyes

They told us how we should live
They told us where to work
They told us what we should eat
They told us when to hurt

They told us we had free will
They told us to decide
Then told us that what we had chosen
Was nothing but a lie

They told all of…

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