monopoly shoe


By Michele Habel-Coffey


Monopoly! Monopoly,

A Game upon the board

Ill-educated fools don’t see

The rising of the Hoar


Babylon! Babble on…

Power in the cards

Nothing left of property

Hotels on every yard


Simple souls sit silently

In little, colored squares

Waiting for their turn to come

Waiting for their share


Shaking hands roll the dice

Move now forward onto Chance

Take a card, pick a card

You toys of circumstance!


Banker holds the money

Prison holds the piece

Do not pass go! Do not collect!

Pay for sweet release


Time to pay the mortgage

Time to pay the rent

Selling off what’s left a amidst

The money that’s been spent


‘Til all remains of what began

Is a single, mateless shoe

Stumbling on Park Avenue

With insufficient revenue – to win


Two snake eyes pushing, one last move

Past the Boardwalk’s end

A sinking, soleless, silver shoe

Do you want to play again?

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