In Da Club

Brilliant personification of da beasties! Have a look. It’ll leave you purring.


A dog once asked a cat to dance,
He knew this kitty loved to prance,
But kitty said, “Oh no, I can’t
Go dance with you. The way you pant,
You’ll slobber on my gorgeous fur
And bark too loud. Why can’t you purr?
You’ll step on all my kitty feet,
And then you’ll want a doggy treat.
Not to be blunt, but dog, you stink;
It makes me want to hork my drink.
So no, I will not dance with you,
But prancing? Yes, that I can do.”

And so the kitty pranced away
With nothing more she had to say
While doggy scratched his left behind
And thought, Okay, then never mind.

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