Ode to Verdi: Fair Violetta

By Michele Habel-Coffey


Rising – Falling

So appalling

Tasting her soul

Devouring her whole


Pinnacle of rising youth

Flesh upon the sharpened tooth

Of wolves upon the bleeding kill

So it ends – the boney thrill


Courtesan, Concubine

Richest hoar, fine as wine

Drink her up, spit her out

Now is scathing, once was devout


La traviata, dance the dance

Drown in the journey of romance

Ending in the sickest death

A jagged cough, a ragged breath


Falling with your arms apart

Reaching for your lover’s heart

Returning, he is now too late

Royal tart, such is your fate


Tragic, epic, and yet cliché

The circle always finds its way

Back to the point from whence it came

Violetta, no matter what the name


History repeats itself

Whether Verdi or Romeo on the shelf

True love defined by circumstance

Is doomed before it has a chance

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