A Visit with Megan Falley: Spoken Word Poet


I had the privilege of seeing Megan Falley perform her spoken word poetry today at the University of Michigan.  She will be in Michigan for the next few days and has speaking engagements at the University of Michigan Ann-Arbor tonight and in the coming days at Wayne State in Detroit and Oakland University in Rochester.  She is performing pieces from her published book of poetry entitled, “After the Witch Hunt” as well as some more recent and personal selections.

Megan’s subject matter is varied but visits relationships in states of dysfunction and of fantasy. She is a woman aware. In addition, she explores her subjects – both objective and subjective – with a biting sense of realism coupled with an informed wit.  Topped with a dash of dry and irresistible humor, her poetry becomes a journey into something altogether relatable as much as it is original.  Her live performance is infectious – alive with caesuras, enjambments, alliterations and refreshingly unique material brought to life in her rhythmic recitations.

Have a look and see for yourself.  She’s worth it.

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