Michele Habel-Coffey: Strings



By Michele Habel-Coffey

Quantum play
Bosons pushing violently
On the fermion 
Of impenetrable walls

Taut on the reel
Rendering infinities
Concentric circles 
Bleeding out
Over the surface of 
The still water

Across the ancient Lyre
Waiting upon the winds 
Of Orpheus spirit
To move the stones
To dance

Hebrew Shani
Crimson veins of humanity
Coursing inside
Sixty thousand miles 
Across Adam’s bloodline

Tied to Anglo-Saxon fingers
Of what should not be forgotten
Of histories repeated

For you, my Theseus
Red as my beating heart
Tied to my finger
Anchored in my veins
Pulled by violent energies
Into the Labyrinth
Whereby you may find your way out
And back to fair Ariadne
Back to me

5 thoughts on “Michele Habel-Coffey: Strings

  1. That’s fantastic, Michele. I was hooked from the first word to the last.

  2. From string theory’s particles to Ariadne’s web, I loved this. You made some great connections with one seemingly simple word. Killer.



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