With a Little Help from My Friends


Fear not the vast emptiness of the universe for

Right beside you, surrounding you with understanding,

Identifying your needs and wants and supplying

Endless support as you laugh and cry, and even when

Nothing seems focused or centered in your world,

Damn if your friends don’t suddenly

Smile, and your world becomes sunshine.

friendship, shorebirds, sun rises

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3 thoughts on “With a Little Help from My Friends

  1. Thank you for sharing this with your readers! So nice to meet you here. Laughter is, indeed, medicine for the soul. Great blog.

  2. Thank you! Nice to meet you as well! I certainly enjoyed your poetic celebration of friendship. My friends are my lifeline, my heart. I’m glad you enjoyed my blog as well. Many thanks!

  3. Such lovely poems, thank you both!

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