My mistress burns – a sonnet


Björn Rudbergs writings

you conquer woods – entrap the cloudy skies
with fingers stretched you carve my burning skin
I open up like autumn-ripened cowpeas skive
our breathing’s heavy as we yearn for sin
you finger-paint in sanguine ecstasy
with laughter hurled at moon-man’s anguished face
I serve you tender lambskin empathy
while you devour our love in famished haste
but when your ember dies in whiffs of ash
I desert-sit beneath a burning sun
while clouds electrify my swiftest flash
a craving dies to vulture’s daring stunts
my only solace is that spring returns
reborn again like Phoenix rise and burns

Naked man and woman by Pablo PicassoNaked man and woman by Pablo Picasso
A poem written at the end of spring. I still try to work on using the effect of slanted rhymes.

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4 thoughts on “My mistress burns – a sonnet

  1. So evocative and beautiful!

  2. Thank you for sharing my poetry.

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