Festivals and Fires by Michele Habel-Coffey


I yawned and tasted the remnants
Marmalade on my tongue.
A memory partly digested
Orange bitters
On a morning toast
Absently, I’d been reading the paper
Festivals and fires
Circling the globe
Now abandoned to my craving
I rose
Reclaiming the sticky knife
Scraping the edges
Of the empty jar
I licked it clean
And returned it to the jar
Where it clinked out a sour note
Perhaps today I will visit
Mr. Jones next door
He’s got apple butter in the pantry
Perennials and weeds in the garden
But no Mrs. Jones
And no secret recipes
Maybe he’ll share a sweeter toast
And indulge me in musings
of festivals and fires

3 thoughts on “Festivals and Fires by Michele Habel-Coffey

  1. Delightful poem and enjoyed your whimsical thoughts!

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