For My Daughter, Lauren: On Dragon’s Wings

The following photo is of a sculpted clay dragon and his unique environment that was imagined and constructed for me by my multi-talented daughter Lauren.  The poem that follows the photograph is a lexical account of what her creation led me to feel.



 My humble submission:


On Dragon’s Wings

By Michele Habel-Coffey


Here lies a sleeping dragon

Guarding treasure made of gold

His position is of slumber

And his history is of old.


I know not what he’s seen

In his journeys through the air

But I have an inking ‘bout his dreams

What lies in slumber’s fair.


His visions are of hands still small

Upon a child almost grown

The young lady that hath fashioned him

His tiny seed, she’s sown.


He sees my daughter’s beauty

Creative energy and light

It sparkles in his treasure

His soul upon the night.


And the magic of the moonbeams

Shining on her countenance

Are the flashings of the future

Where passion will meet chance.


My wish for her is to fly

Upon the dragon’s wings

Using up the hopeful air

While engineering better things.



2 thoughts on “For My Daughter, Lauren: On Dragon’s Wings

  1. Moving and beautiful poem!

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