Michele Habel-Coffey: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

By Michele Habel-Coffey

Would you consume me?
Glare at me, covetous, desiring, sinful
We gaze long enough to trace each other’s lines

Around right angles and pointed corners
Eyes wide with an anxious need
For answers and for alibis

You are enough like me that I need
To wrap around you with my mouth
And take you in, licking my lips

The sugar, dancing like diamonds
It can’t be left there, to gleam
Sugar is made to digest in addicted ecstasy

And so I spoon in your sweetness

Inside me it changes – adrenaline, insulin, energy

Content, I float on a river of candied milk

On the edges of drowsing and dreams, full of you.

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