In The Imaginations of Children

Me too.

Richard M. Ankers - Author

I was once told that the world revolves around the imaginations of children. In a child’s eyes, their inner minds, they see what an adult would reject and heap scorn upon. They imagine the worlds they wish for, rather than that which they inhabit. Dreams of outer space, dinosaurs and the like then transcend to professions, pastimes, as life takes over. The giving structure to what they once only held as fantastical seems to be expected of them. Yes, an adult attempts to dilute the dreams of the child by making them tangible. As such there becomes less and less to dream. The older generations seek to quash the fantasies of the youth as if to negate their own youth. But not all adults.

There are those who refuse to have their fantasies compromised. As those children rise to adulthood, they retreat to the depths of their imagination and expand…

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