Perspective: Fractals, Seasons, and Beetles

fractal insect
Beetles. Who really notices them until the Michigan fall – Midwestern October – when they collect on our screens, on our doors, and on our homes – in scores. It is a gathering of species; a regional summit. Ladybugs, Stinkbugs, Tiger Beetles, Boxelders – even the green Mantis reveals itself on occasion. And the one lucky,cool drunk flyer catches a break at an opening door and flies inside. Or maybe it’s found a secret opening, not visible to my eyes. It’s sudden presence is startling and leaves me for a moment naked. I must consider the beetle whether I like it or not. Will it live or die? I slide open the screen and force it back to its side of the boundary – outside. Live. And as he flies I see the rest of them. Gathered and waiting, for a cool drunk wind to drift and try again.

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