Fusion by Michele Habel-Coffey

Come forward 

With a force
A blow
Hard to the chest
And permanent
A fracture
A line in the bone
Ever after
You are there
You were there
A wind blowing through the crevice
The breath in the break

Come forward

Breathe into my lines
And inhale
Taking in the my dust
Calcifying me
Inside of you
We are one

Lines by Ina Coolbrith

by Ina Coolbrith

O melody, what children strange are these
   From thy most vast, illimitable realm?
   These sounds that seize upon and overwhelm
   The soul with shuddering ecstasy! Lo! here
   The night is, and the deeds that make night fear;
Wild winds and waters, and the sough of trees
   Tossed in the tempest; wail of spirits banned,
   Wandering, unhoused of clay, in the dim land;
The incantation of the Sisters Three,
   Nameless of deed and name – the mystic chords
   Weird repetitions of the mystic words;
   The mad, remorseful terrors of the Thane,
   And bloody hands – which bloody must remain.
   Last, the wild march; the battle hand to hand
Of clashing arms, in awful harmony,
   Sublimely grand, and terrible as grand!
The clan-cries; the barbaric trumpetry;
   And the one fateful note, that, throughout all,
   Leads, follows, calls, compels, and holds in thrall.

Dancing with Cyclones


Artist Credit: Antonymic Cyclone by alexiuss


Dancing with Cyclones

By Michele Habel-Coffey

Dancing with cyclones

In my head

In my vacuum

Roaring with cat hairs

And cut-lines

Round and round the musings

Confused with dust and debris

Little bits of me

Stirring and whirling

As I push

And pull

The chamber full

Turning off

Now empty

Ready to suck again

At what’s left come tomorrow