Prismatic: By Michele Habel-Coffey



By: Michele Habel-Coffey

Transparent glass with angles

Pointed, dense and clear

Traditional triangles

Sometimes used as mirrors

Reflecting what’s internal

No colors bursting through

Just an image of yourself

Starring back at you

This requires angles

Of the steepest kind

The narrowest of options

For the narrowest of minds

Who only want to see themselves

Reflected in the glass

Instead of all the colors

That at better angles pass

Through the surface of the prism

Refractions of the light

Dispersions of the varied waves

Rainbows, spectrums, sight

There’s beauty in the colors

Much more than just plain white

But one must meet the other

At an angle that’s just right

To produce the dancing rainbow

For all the world to see

Takes more than just a piece of glass

Or varied energies

Conversations of the past

Call to mind a prism

Geometric and triangular

Common colloquialism

But rainbows don’t just come

From the shapes of yesterdays

It all about the angles

Dispersing light, refracting waves

Even tears can make a rainbow

As they’re falling to the ground

Pain calling forth a beauty

Without a single sound

I prefer refractions

And dancing colored rays

To self-absorbed amusement

Reflections showing age

Remember ole’ Narcissis?

Poor fool, you know he drowned?

In a shallow pool reflecting

The image of a clown

So if you want to see a rainbow

Stop gazing in the mirrors

At the hardest, steepest angles

As rigid as your fears

Bend a little, my dear friend

I promise you won’t break

But instead might see a rainbow

Put down the mirror, for Heaven’s sake!

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