The Green Beneath the Grey: by Michele Habel-Coffey


The Green Beneath the Grey

By: Michele Habel-Coffey

She pulls inside of herself

The warm liquid in her veins drawing closer to her heart

The cold weather is closing in again

Temperatures drop

Leaves fall

All the while

As the jeweled stars

Float down


Ever down

From her reaching, dying arms

She is preparing to live again

After the passing of the cruel winter

And the glances of apathetic passerby

Gazing absently from glowing screens

From momentary glitches in lagging systems

From the nothing of their hypnotic state

She surrenders to the dying

Seen only by the dead

The ghosts among the glimmers

Of Heaven’s spirit

An autumn light

Circling the moving earth

A heart beats deep within

The green, beneath the grey.