Fresh Blankets by Michele Habel-Coffey



Into the treetops falls my night

Under the cover of whispering stars

And a blanket of moonspun dreams

Into the treetops then rises my day

A sun too far for warmth

Pulls from me as I slumber unaware

My comfort

Like a selfish lover who leaves me




Reaching for a fabric

Pulling back absently

From the unrelenting thief

Wanting permeates the hours

They pass in anxious stutters

Disquietude filtered by purpose

Into black coffee and blue screens

I long for clouds

Distraction from the lying star

Feigning happiness from above

I long for warmth

Respite from the light

Exploiting my weary shadow

Who first hides

And then leads

Stretching out before me

On cracked sidewalks

And bustling streets

The lie is behind us now

Cast down into dusk

My shadow slowly disappears and

Into the treetops falls my night

Fresh blankets and dreams

Come again