I’m a 40-something mother of three: two colorful, brilliant teenage girls – one who has autism – and a busy, musical son, age 9. This identity has kept me occupied for the better part of the past decade, mostly with respect to the issues that involve autism and how it has affected, and continues to affect my family.  I am an advocate in the community and do my part to raise awareness regarding autism, to help other families struggling with educational and life issues, and to promote the equal treatment of all persons without exception.

Most recently, I began working on a new identity as a writer and an instructor.  I am close to receiving my bachelors degree in English, with a minor on the writing track.  I have been published in the University of Michigan’s creative arts journal, “Lyceum” and my work has been used by my professors in several courses as an example for other students to model. Given those successes, and the promptings of my professors, friends, and family, I decided to pursue a master’s in teaching – a track I will begin summer of 2013.  It is my intention to instruct both at the high school and collegiate levels.  I found that after giving several student lectures, it is there my passion lives, along with writing, which is why I find myself here on a blog. I desired a forum to share my own compositions and to enjoy, as well as learn, from others doing the same.

I am also passionate about my Native American heritage and find hope in the spiritual teachings.  I am currently researching my exact origins within the Ojibwe Nation, which is no small task given that much went undocumented.  I intend to do my independent study in this area.  My readings have begun to influence my writing, especially with regard to postcolonial issues and their effect on the displaced native communities.  I find a special blessing in the native tradition of honoring the female as a leader and a spiritual guide, something quite in contrast to my Christian-European upbringing.

Last, but not least, I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and participate in all things outdoors.  I love to hike, to fish, to boat, to ski – both water and snow-  and to bike.  I’m not afraid of getting dirty and at heart, I am a tomboy.  The smell of a campfire lingering on the clothing is to me, sensual and seductive, better than any store-bought scent available.   My favorite place to be outdoors is in Michigan and I have yet to go a year without finding a new place to stir my restless soul.

For me, life has just begun and everyday is a gift whereby I can continue to explore all that I love.


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