Michele Habel-Coffey: Wine on the Lips


Art Credit: leannelanefineart.com

Wine on the Lips

By: Michele Habel-Coffey

I breathe in deeply and hold

Hoping to stave off the aftertaste

Of cheap wine and dying dreams

But the nine dollar red

Is soft on the palate

A delicious bitter-sweet

It leaves no after taste

It bears no acrid smell


It is yet cheap

I know a treasure when I taste it

Undervalued, underpriced

Underneath me

The world shifts

As the innocent wine envelops me

And sends me off

In a warm blanket of waking dreams

And a smile that arrives

The moments the memories permeate

And bring me back

Wine, you and I

We will see the future bound together

On cheap shelves

Touched by dime-store hands

And we will rise to the occasion

Passing one day around tables

On the lips of giants

Who will smell our vintage

And declare us rare indeed

Ode to Wine


Ode To Wine

 By Michele Habel-Coffey

Red and White and Pink and Blush


Grapes of wrath no longer

Stronger and sweeter

In the bottles, aging

Wax and cork do seal

Healing antioxidants

Scents, rich and bitter

Which is better?

No matter, pass the glass

Down the throat

Float now my soul

Into memories so fine

Wine, intoxicate me

Set me free

 Photo Credit: leannelainefineart.com