coffee cup


by Michele Habel-Coffey

My fingers trace the outlines of my cup…

Lingering circles, damp with coffee

And with dead epithelials- words unspoken

Sloughed off by the heat of the black liquid

Stimulated edges of nerves

Tactile truths

Give way to fresh, soft lips

And caffeinated hope

Hope: An Ode To Emily



By Michele Habel-Coffey

Hope’s got useless feathers
‘Tis a penguin on the shore
With broken, useless, darkened wings
And no god to implore

She’s indeed a seasoned swimmer
Gets her sustenance from the sea
But the sea is wrought with angry waves
And she is never free

The island is her icy home
With other flightless fowl
Guarding flightless offspring
From lions on the prowl

Sweet songs for her are hard to hear
Drowned out by the storms
The chill is clinging deep within
Nothing keeps her warm

Oh, Hope’s got useless feathers
The kind that do not fly
It’s stuck there on that island
It’s there it’s like to die