The Green Beneath the Grey: by Michele Habel-Coffey


The Green Beneath the Grey

By: Michele Habel-Coffey

She pulls inside of herself

The warm liquid in her veins drawing closer to her heart

The cold weather is closing in again

Temperatures drop

Leaves fall

All the while

As the jeweled stars

Float down


Ever down

From her reaching, dying arms

She is preparing to live again

After the passing of the cruel winter

And the glances of apathetic passerby

Gazing absently from glowing screens

From momentary glitches in lagging systems

From the nothing of their hypnotic state

She surrenders to the dying

Seen only by the dead

The ghosts among the glimmers

Of Heaven’s spirit

An autumn light

Circling the moving earth

A heart beats deep within

The green, beneath the grey.

Michele Habel-Coffey: Love Lies Bleeding


Love Lies Bleeding

By Michele Habel-Coffey

Amaranthus Caudatus for Algernon

For Charlie

And for my Grace

Loves lies bleeding

Dying in the cold

Dying on the headstone

Of the long gone

And seldom mourned

I am Alice

In Charlie’s backyard

Down the foxhole I go

In search of better flowers

Of Lotus

And Lilac

And a pill to make me big again

The white rabbit

Runs beside the mouse

His jaws clamped upon

The Eglantine

The mouse, tangled in



Remaining in between

The Rabbit

and poor Alice

Poor, poor me

I am ever chasing

Ever fading

A Cheshire grin

Left upon

An aching memory

Forget the pill

Give me a potion

I shall tread until I drown


By the wheel

And intoxicated

by the Wormwood


coffee cup


by Michele Habel-Coffey

My fingers trace the outlines of my cup…

Lingering circles, damp with coffee

And with dead epithelials- words unspoken

Sloughed off by the heat of the black liquid

Stimulated edges of nerves

Tactile truths

Give way to fresh, soft lips

And caffeinated hope

Hanging On


By Michele Habel-Coffey


Letters in a box

Letters in the mail

Letters in a sentence

Letters leave a trail

Of promises forgotten

Of lies that breed false hope

Of toys under the Christmas tree

Of yesterdays that toy with me

And playtime that is over

And wartime near a truce

And the winner and the loser

And neck within the noose

Hanging on a fading breath

Hanging on a prayer

Hanging on, just hanging on

Dangling in the air


Art Credit to Thaess (Deviant Art) at the following link:

Quiet and No more

Quiet and No More

By Michele Habel-Coffey

The car just started beeping

Beeping beeping beeping

Bleating and pleading

And beeping

I waited and walked

Walked and waited

And it just kept beeping

So I waited

Then I stopped

I crossed my arms

I looked right at the beeping car

No-one came

I walked again

I don’t remember when it stopped

But I was suddenly aware of the quiet

The beautiful quiet

Just quiet


And no more

A Winter Ballet


A Winter Ballet

By Michele Habel-Coffey


Cold, white, floating dancers

Spinning Winter’s tale

Each wears a crystal costume

Glimmering in the veil


Of November’s graying skyline

Cloud clusters curing ice

To shed upon the masses

Nature’s minted spice


She’ll coax us into slumber

With a powdered sugar dream

Where behind the heavy lids of all

Are visions of the Spring


When colors find us once again

Pushing back the glistening white

‘Til then I’ll curl beside the hearth

And drink in the dancing night




By Michele Habel-Coffey



Black and White

Tear the pages

Might and fight

Right is right

Wrong is wrong

Grey just watches

Hums a song

Seldom heard

Seldom seen

In the spaces

In between

Clawing scratching biting beating

Ourselves, our minds, hour ends, repeating