Into the Heart of Darkness


Into the Heart of Darkness by Michele Habel-Coffey


Into the heart of darkness

This day we do explore

Insight into a madness

Remembrance does implore


A repetitive presumption

What is wild must be tamed

A mapping of the unknown

Territories to be claimed


Up the rivers, into forests

We hack with careless blades

Forging paths by slashing

Laying bare the glades


As well the bodies, dwelling

Silently, in naked lands

Burying them in native earth

They dig with their own hands


And ours remain un-calloused

And unsoiled, in white gloves

As we stand in condescension

With our bibles and our doves

“Writing, Instinct, and Passion”

Jean Rhys

“Without the instinct, the passion might so easily be either sentimental or sensational; without the passion, the instinct might lead to only formal beauty; together, they result in original art, at the same time exquisite and deeply disturbing.” Francis Wyndham: An Introduction to the Writing of Jean Rhys, “Wide Saragasso Sea” – A Norton Critical Edition